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    Ecocaps sample pack

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    Designed to fit industry-standard postal tubes, our sustainable end caps are made from recycled plant-based fibres, which means they’re compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. 

    Contains 5 ecocaps. Four to try out with two shipments, and one to keep.

    Sustainability made easy

    Our sustainable end caps are made from plant-based fibres and are the first globally available recyclable end-caps on the market.

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    Less of everything

    By swapping the plastic end caps on your cardboard postal tubes for our Ecocaps, you’ll save 10g worth of plastic per shipment, and 2g overall weight.

    Ecocaps also take up less space - they're more efficient for us to ship to you, and more efficient for you to store.

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    Fulfilled from: UK (and US in May/June 2024)

    Ships: Worldwide

    Delivery time: Sample pack orders are dispatched within 48h

    Product weight: 4g / cap

    Available colours: Natural (custom colours available upon request)

    Product dimension: 3” diameter (2" & 4" sizes coming soon)


    We accept all major payment methods and cards.

    Delivery time

    We ship all ecocap samples within 1–2 days.

    Global fulfilment

    Just like the caps themselves, we ship our sample pack worldwide.