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    About ecocaps

    Sustainability is a journey, not a destination

    The creation of print on demand experts, Prodigi, ecocaps is the world’s first sustainable packaging solution to plastic end caps.

    A meaningful difference

    By swapping the plastic end caps on your cardboard postal tubes for our ecocaps, you’ll save 10g worth of plastic per shipment.

    Lighter & more compact

    Ecocaps weigh 40% less than their plastic equivalent, and take up less space when stacked. Better optimised for storage and transport, meaning we can ship them to you for less.

    Fully sustainable...

    Reclaimed materials

    A type of moulded fibre packaging, ecocaps are made from a blend of recycled paper products, including newspaper, cardboard and pulp.

    Local fulfilment

    We work with production partners all over the world, enabling us to offer local fulfilment on a global scale while reducing carbon emissions caused by unnecessary transportation.


    Ecocaps take less than one month to decompose, making them suitable for home composting. Simply place them in your home compost bin, and leave them to degrade naturally.


    As well as being compostable, ecocaps are also biodegradable and break down into natural substances over time, leaving no harmful residues behind.


    Ecocaps are recyclable, which helps minimise waste and pollution, conserve landfill space and uses less energy and fewer new resources.


    There is zero plastic in our ecocaps. We designed them specifically as a sustainable packaging alternative to single-use end caps.

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