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    How Prodigi removed the final plastic from tube shipments

    “Embracing sustainability is easy with the right solutions”

    Prodigi print on demand

    As a company that prints and ships products all over the world on a daily basis, Prodigi knows first-hand the impact small changes can make when it comes to carbon footprint reduction. 

    Our platform enables online retailers to sell their designs as custom printed products worldwide, while helping keep their carbon footprint to a minimum by only printing stock on demand and offering local fulfilment on a global scale.

    Prodigi made the decision to go one step further and set a long-term goal to remove all traces of plastic from its packaging materials, starting by eliminating clingfilm in 2022.

    The last piece

    With plastic all-but-eliminated from Prodigi's rolled print packaging, the very last plastic items were the ends of the cardboard tubes.

    “Unable to find a suitable eco-friendly alternative, we decided to make one ourselves – and that’s how ecocaps came about.”

    Steve Levin
    Chief Production Officer at Prodigi

    Enter ecocaps

    Prodigi developed ecocaps – a zero-plastic alternative to single-use poster tube end caps, made from a specialist blend of recycled paper products.

    As well as resulting in the removal of two million pieces of plastic from Prodigi's supply chain, this revolutionary new product also filled a gap in the market, both within the print on demand space and the broader packaging industry.

    More about ecocaps
    When it comes to sustainability, we’re not interested in gatekeeping.

    We want ecocaps to become the go-to sustainable packaging solution for everyone, including our competitors.

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